Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics

We create impactful dashboards & visualisations that will help you save time and money, engage your audience and answer your strategic needs.

Using industry leading software such as Tableau and PowerBI, we work with our clients to build impactful data visualisations. From bespoke analytical tools to complex multi-source dashboards, we tailor our designs to the needs of the project, whilst also providing consultancy services to illuminate the art of the possible, ensure best practice and achieve widespread adoption.

We started designing dashboards and data visualisation for clients in 2010, initially using Xcelsius from SAP, before discovering Tableau (v5) and adopting that as our preferred visualisation tool. Being part of what was at that point a small community of UK Tableau users was highly exciting, witnessing the growth of data visualisation both in terms of adoption and also in its sophistication.

During this early period, our work was featured in globally respected publications such as The Guardian, as well as being awarded ‘Viz of the Day’ multiple times on Tableau Public. Fast-forward to 2021 and we now have a team of data visualisation and analytics consultants, and offer a range of services related to Visual Analytics, working with clients at any stage of their adoption roadmap, on any size or type of project, and being involved in any capacity…


  • Pre-adoption audits: to help define what is required, which data visualisation tool would be best, and scope out a successful route to implementation
  • Early design: quick proof-of-concept designs to stimulate conversations and identify possibilities
  • Implementation: production standard deliverables, fully QC and UAT tested, and deployed to a broad range of stake-holders
  • Bedding in & Ongoing Development: ongoing iterations of designs following user feedback, training of client teams to enable ownership

Data visualisations:

  • Quick ad hoc analysis or data exploration
  • Ongoing trackers, long-term dashboards and KPI scorecards
  • Market research / survey reporting – often integrated with additional data sources for more analytic impact
  • Complex dashboards with multiple data-sources and in-depth analytics, tailored to different types and levels of stakeholders
  • Expanding and improving pre-existing client designs
  • Unique solutions eg treatment pathway analysis, predictive analytics

Project involvement:

  • Providing complete end-to-end managed service: visualisation and back-end data design, maintenance and management
  • Hosting via Tableau Online or a managed Tableau Server
  • Project ownership – working with clients to explore best practice and develop designs, or in partnership with internal teams or other specialist 3rd party vendors
  • Consultancy on visualisation best practice, analytical possibilities, stakeholder involvement, how to foster adoption and ensure long-term usage
  • Team training – empowering clients to take on ownership of complex designs, we do the heavy lifting in respect to design before client hand-over, so they can manage on a day-to-day basis
  • Simply providing additional resources and capacity to support stretched client teams
  • Boosting client skill sets & experience – helping them to realise their aspirations

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