Years of experience in data management, analysis & visualisation, with clients that range from multinational blue chips to local SMEs.

In this era of data, it is important to be in control. We help our clients reap the benefits of their data via automation, analysis & reporting.

As you’ll see by looking at any of our Case Studies, we provide a holistic service with most projects involving an interlinked variety of approaches, technologies and disciplines, but our key services broadly fall into two categories…

  1. Visual Analytics

    Visual Analytics

    We create impactful dashboards and visualisations that will answer your strategic needs, help you save time and money, and engage your audience.

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  2. Data Solutions

    Data Solutions

    We create bespoke data solutions for our clients, utilising the most appropriate technologies to clean and normalise data, and automate complex tasks.

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To learn more about our unified services, please visit our piece on Data Analysis or browse through any of the Case Studies available on our Resources page or Contact Us to discuss in more detail


Moor Consulting is a specialist business intelligence consultancy. We work primarily in the pharmaceutical sector, but also have experience in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), energy, tourism, estate agency, charity and low carbon sectors.

We pride ourselves on providing bespoke data solutions & analysis that simplify the complex problems our clients face, enabling them to focus on their core needs and drive their businesses or projects to success.

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