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Pricing & Market Access

Pricing & Market Access

Combining multiple datasets to provide price & market access analysis for key products and their competitors

Situation: Our client is the global pricing team at a major pharmaceutical company responsible for pricing strategies, implementation & analytics – working with both local market teams (over 70 countries) and senior executives to drive adoption of data & evidence-based pricing approaches. As part of this remit, they have access to multiple data sources – both internal and 3rd party – with complex pricing & market access information. Obtaining, preparing, and combining this data was a highly time-consuming and complex process. Consequently, they needed help to streamline these processes, as well as provide impactful analysis & reporting, and then share the results with senior executives and regional pricing and market access leads.

Solution: We have built a data-warehouse, standardising many disparate data sources into a single, clean and normalised structure suitable for connecting to Tableau. Where possible, the importing and sorting of data processing is fully automated and includes checks/alerts/notifications when data integrity issues are identified. The different data sources include importing JSON via RESTful web API’s from an industry leading 3rd party data solution, direct connectivity to primary databases and a dedicated drag & drop user portal enabling the import of extracted data.

The portal includes many other functions supporting the client including

  • Checking and adjusting automatic product matching and classification
  • Controlling the allocation matrices defining price types and categories across markets and brands (presented to secondary team members with our visual analytics front-end)
  • Auditing functions including backups & rollbacks and identifying row level updates/changes with individual users.

The data contained in the data-warehouse has differing focuses across various core brands – market access, publicly stated List Pricing, competitor details, calculated effective net pricing amongst others. To ease interpretation, user interaction and analysis we built a suite of different views in Tableau to cover each of these themes across each of the brands, in addition to cross-analysis, deeper dive and back-end monitoring views for ‘super-users’. We implemented consistent layouts and filter actions across the various views to facilitate user interaction, as well as providing linked data export tables and standardised field naming to further aid analysis. We host all of these views on a dedicated Tableau Online site which we own, manage and maintain. Finally, to ensure secure user access to sensitive data we implemented row level &  view level permission configurations integrated with the client’s enterprise level SSO authentication solution.

Outcome: A marked saving in respect to man-hours previously spent processing the data and producing offline standalone reports, as well as producing live reports not possible before. All data stored centrally and regularly updated. Roll-out to a disparate team of users, supporting the analytical approach to global pricing and facilitating easy communications to the distributed regional teams. Project ongoing.

More Info: if you would like to learn more about this, or how we could help you with a similar project please contact us

...having worked at this company for over 10 years I’ve seen many data projects, but this has been the best so far without question. Fantastic job – well done team!!

Global Brand Manager
Top 10 ‘Best Global Brand’

James is someone who is very easy to work with, and inspirational when, frankly, we were working in a new field.

Healthcare Market Research Agency

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