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Are Static Outputs From Dynamic Data a Contradiction?

Are Static Outputs From Dynamic Data a Contradiction?

Why, when people have access to powerful, dynamic dashboards do they want static outputs?

Creating complex dashboards enabling clients to drill-down, cross-examine and report on their data in an infinite number of ways is our raison d’être so, why do so many of our customers also ask for static extracts? At first glance it seems counter-intuitive, but there are a variety of reasons why these static outputs can complement the analyst-centric dashboards we regard as the Holy Grail.

Why, when people have access to powerful, dynamic dashboards do they want static outputs?

  • Quick top-level figures
  • Can print off and put onto notice boards
  • Designed to be easily understood by many people
  • Fixed outputs which can be saved to a document store and referenced at any point in the future.
  • PPTX – can be integrated into corporate presentations quickly and easily (see our post below on the automation of PowerPoint documents)
  • PDF – can be emailed or saved for download from document stores/websites (more trusted/safer than MS Office documents for example)
  • Can be specially designed/created for external or even public consumption i.e. excluding sensitive/private/privileged information.
  • Reduced licensing costs – i.e. licences only required for analysts

This may go against the thoughts of data visualisation advocates such as the Tableau Zen masters of the world, but clearly there is a space and need for both interactive visual analytics AND static reports. As we strive to fulfil our clients’ needs we offer the generation of static outputs alongside creation of interactive dashboards and tools, often side by side within a project, to meet the differing needs of stakeholders. Very often we encounter clients taking images of dashboard pages & inserting them into PowerPoint presentations, we’re here to help make that process simple, standardised and reliable. Our focus is on delivering trusted solutions which make your life easier, enabling you to focus on other aspects of your job.

Static reporting can be triggered automatically based on certain criteria (e.g. time & dates, thresholds, number of interactions…..), manual interaction or both. Delivering static reporting using a variety of methods e.g. emails, app notifications, SharePoint, websites…… even snail mail letters or downloading from a portal.

Our agile approach and wide range of services, from programming to data analysis and data visualisations means we’re best placed to help you with both your dynamic and static output requirements. We can provide everything from restful API web services to end-to-end solutions all designed to put you firmly in control of your data, the outputs and your business.

More Info: if you would like to learn more about static or dynamic reporting please contact us

Working with James & the team at Moor Consulting has helped us turn our data visualisations from being purely representational, to being strategic tools that are driving business initiatives.

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