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Data Integration

Data Integration

Automation is the key driver behind data integration, freeing you up to do the interesting stuff

If you’re reading this, you probably have 2 or more different datasets which need to be cross-referenced/combined or there are tasks you feel could be automated, and you may not even be sure if it’s possible. It almost certainly is possible and even though the volume and types of data being collected is advancing at lightning speed, being able to integrate different datasets and automate tasks is more possible than it ever has been before.

Automating tasks can save a considerable amount of time and money, improve reliability & confidence, enabling you to concentrate on other activities. Transparency (e.g. audit trails, automation specific reporting, rollback functionality, matching information) is a really important element in the automation tasks we help you with, giving you the assurances you need to concentrate on other projects.

It’s our job to bring the data together, make some sense of it and display it in a format that you can use to make important strategic decisions. Data is very rarely if ever all stored in a single, standardised, easy to access structure, but we’ve yet to come across a situation where we can’t step in, automate processes and substantially decrease the time it takes to get data into a format ready for analysis and reporting.

We provide consultancy, programming skills, database development and data analysis skills on an agile basis, complimenting your team’s skills without the overheads. We’re passionate about data integrity and prepared to go the extra mile in ensuring that data is clean, usable and reliable. Accurate data is fundamental for accurate reporting which, in turn, can help you make well-informed strategic decisions for your business. If there are any manual tasks you, your team or 3rd parties reporting to your team are undertaking on a regular basis, there are almost certainly risks involving the reliability of the outputs and costs relating to wasted/lost time. There’s another way, and it could make a huge difference to your business.

More Info: if you would like to learn more about our data integration services and experience please contact us

Working with James & the team at Moor Consulting has helped us turn our data visualisations from being purely representational, to being strategic tools that are driving business initiatives.

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