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Constant Production Monitoring and Reporting

Constant Production Monitoring and Reporting

Constantly monitoring production, providing quality assurance can help in significantly reducing costs and improve productivity

Situation: We have been involved in the development of mining production monitoring and reporting tools since 2010. Mining is an industry where the production continues 24/7 and even small mistakes in planning can prove extremely costly. For example; replacing a tyre on a dumper truck because it hit some debris can incur unplanned costs measured in tens of thousands of dollars. Much bigger costs can be incurred from something as simple as failing to put a primary excavator back into service.

Solution: We’ve developed a suite of tools including production tracking, explosives register, drilling inventory and mining vehicle maintenance which can be used in all sizes of mines; from those just starting production all the way to established mines moving millions of tonnes of material each year. We’re able to implement low-cost turnkey solutions for smaller mines – enabling them to get up-and-running with systems that grow with the mine – to a full suite of products and services for larger operations including:

  • Specialist programming
  • Data Analytics
  • Visual Analytics
  • Consultancy services – designed to help with seamless integration and reporting alongside existing systems (for example payroll, GIS, SAP).
  • And, of course, our standard mining modules

No two sites are the same, our flexible solutions can be tailored to fit any requirements and evolve throughout the life of a mine. Moreover, site locations can themselves present challenges, often situated in remote locations with poor internet connectivity – consequently we have developed methodologies to overcome such situations and are well versed in performing remote support as well as on-site installs & upgrades in countries scattered around the globe.

Outcome: Multiple installs & ongoing support contracts for sites around the world, with reporting that can be relied upon to support important strategic decisions.

  • Driving improvements in efficiency
  • Instant reporting : downtime, availability, utilization of availability, colour coding relating to targets
  • Constant monitoring including system alerts/alarms
  • Periodic reporting with optional notifications (email, web browser, smartphone)
  • Periodic reporting could include : hourly / 2 hourly / per shift / per day / weekly / monthly
  • Targets (budgets, plans, forecasts) and continuous comparisons with “actuals” for Shift, Day, WTD, MTD, YTD
  • Use of analytics to identify; bottlenecks, improvements in efficiency, opportunities in reducing downtime (e.g. pre-emptive servicing / replacement on machine parts to reduce breakdowns)

And outputs configured to the client needs and incorporating, but not limited to:

  • PowerBI
  • Tableau
  • Email alerts
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • APIs

More Info: If you would like to learn more about our suite of production monitor tools, or how we could help you with a similar project please contact us.

Working with James & the team at Moor Consulting has helped us turn our data visualisations from being purely representational, to being strategic tools that are driving business initiatives.

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