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This is an example of how a Market Research tracker survey could be represented using Xcelsius/SAP Dashboard Designer. To save space within the dashboard the question details & insights are hidden from view unless required (try the buttons top right) – also the complimentary questions regarding awareness & usage share the same space, with the viewer having the option to toggle between them.

Other features include: inclusion of dynamic word-clouds, the ability to show only statistically significant responses* (Q3), the option to save dashboard states, and printing.

As well as having the option to use the main filter controls to cut the data by country & year, this dashboard also features the possibility of creating your own user-defined comparative charts. By clicking on the ‘Comparative’ button a new view becomes available. In this second view you can select which country/year combinations you want to compare in regards to usage & awareness.

Not only that, but once the chart is set up, you can hide or show the individual data series by clicking on their respective legend entries.

If your browser supports Flash you can interact with the demo below – to view an expanded version use this link.