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This is an example of a Xcelsius dashboard with a ‘scenario model’ included on the 2nd Analysis page (red link button in middle of dashboard).

We built this demo off the back of a client project, changing the countries and underlying data. While we could have incorporated Google-maps into the dashboard, in this situation the client wanted a map representation that could be used if the client was off-line or had poor Internet connectivity – so we used a static map image. If you would like more info regarding when to use live mapping and the benefits of applying GIS layers to dashboards please contact us.

The second ‘page’ of this dashboard is somewhat different to the version we prepared for the client – in this case we have incorporated a simplified scenario model. Scenario models allow manipulation of the underlying data (which could be a live data-set) to provide predictive ‘what-if’ model scenarios – thus enabling users to create forecast models and understand how varying different variables could impact the final outcomes.

If your browser supports Flash  the dashboard below is fully functional – please click on any of the buttons over hover over charts. To view an expanded version use this link – otherwise please interact with the version shown below.

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