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The dashboard below is cut-down example of how Tableau can be used to represent survey data – to interact with the full version of this demo please click on this link, or use the button built into the demo itself.

Features worth noting in this example include the ability to have different hierarchical structures built into the drill-downs within charts; so, on the 1st page shown here clicking on the little plus sign that appears if you hover over the country names in the bar chart results in the data being cut by gender, and then again by age band. Whereas, if looking at the 2nd page, repeating the same process will result in the hierarchy of country, age band, and then gender.

Other features include the ability to include not only additional info within the boxes that appear if you hover over a chart component, but also mini-bar charts themselves* – as seen on the map featured here. Whilst on the map… clicking on any of the icons, or even selecting multiple icons, will then filter all other visualisations.

* Respect to Andy Cotgreave who shared this technique with the wider Tableau community, and also to Steve Wrexler for his insights into approaches for representing survey data using Tableau.