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We started working with GE Oil & Gas in September 2011, providing the global management team for service contracts across the Measurement & Controls business group with a dashboard that brought together the financial performance indicators & KPIs of the disparate business lines within this group. This enabled senior management to have a single interface which summarised performance – thereby saving countless man-hours preparing & comparing different reports from each business line, as well as providing a standardised reporting platform.

Following on from the success of this project we were then asked to help with the data visualisation components of their developing analytics initiative. This initiative has responsibility across the business group (both hardware and services), providing dashboards & analytics that support strategic endeavours and enable senior product line & sales teams to better understand their market, track performance, and identify opportunities. Moor Consulting’s role within this initiative has developed to include visualisation design & development, project management, and advanced statistical analysis. Examples of the projects we have been involved in include:

  • defining market opportunities & penetration
  • multimodal tracking of orders, sales & profitability (ie across regions, business sectors, product lines & vertical markets)
  • tracking booked capacity against anticipated future requirements (as driven by opportunities pipeline from
  • quality management & product lifecycle tracking
  • blending & representation of disparate data-sources via GIS geocoding
  • micro-market identification & segmentation utilising cluster analysis
  • liaison with development teams to enable ETL & creation a of DWH to support a variety of dashboards we have designed

In 2013 we have expanded our exposure within GE Oil & Gas to incorporate projects supporting different global marketing, quality management, & process improvement teams across not just the Measurement & Controls group but also within the Power Generation Services business group.

Working with James & the team at Moor Consulting has helped us turn our data visualisations from being purely representational, to being strategic tools that are driving business initiatives.”   Global SSA Director – Services, GE Oil & Gas, Measurement & Control

“I have to say – in all the years in this role I’ve seen many data projects, but this has been the best so far, without doubt. Excellent work, well done to the team.”  Regional Product Line Manager – Hardware, GE Oil & Gas, Measurement & Control