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We have recently formed a formal trading partnership with DANOPT – a company specialising in advanced analytics & data science. For more information, please read the accompanying press release below:

Data analytics company DANOPT and data visualization company Moor Consulting announce a partnership.

DANOPT  is a London-based company specializing in the area of advanced data analysis operating in the United Kingdom and the Greek region (Greece – Cyprus). DANOPT specializes in the broader area of data science and analytics and its mission is to provide affordable services to businesses and individuals who can’t otherwise afford the high prices set by other companies. DANOPT offers both data analysis services and training of the best quality and prices.

Moor Consulting is a Business Intelligence company specializing in data visualization, analysis and quantitative market research. With the current data explosion companies face, understanding and interpreting data effectively can help companies differentiate themselves, and ultimately provide a positive impact on their bottom line. Data visualization enables both data exploration and analysis in a manner that is easy for all to understand, thus facilitating stakeholder buy-in and strategic decision making. Moor Consulting designs impactful dashboards, reports and visualizations which help their clients to save money and time, and arrive at meaningful insights which enhance their strategic needs.

This collaboration builds on the unique strengths and advantages of each partner; the advanced analytics capabilities of DANOPT becoming accessible to clients through the visualizations services that Moor Consulting provides. Similarly, Moor Consulting’s background in market research and market analysis ensures the effective application of DANOPT’s advanced analytic capabilities to satisfy clients’ strategic needs. The result is a partnership that leads to the creation of a more complete service that can satisfy the rising demands of data scientists and decision makers in organizations across the United Kingdom.

James Ambler of Moor Consulting says: “It’s great to be working with DANOPT. Whilst we’ve always been involved in data analysis, having the robust analytical strength that DANOPT bring will really help our clients with the more complex challenges brought about by the massive data sets they now need to interrogate.”

Stylianos Kampakis of DANOPT says: “Working with Moor Consulting really helps us bring to life some of the work we do, that to the layman can often seem esoteric. Showing people the results of a model or piece of analysis is one thing, but if you can then present them with a pictorial representation that they can interact with… well, then you experience that ‘light-bulb’ moment when it all makes sense & they can understand the impact.”

To publicize their partnership Moor Consulting & DANOPT will soon be releasing the results of their analysis of the recent Eurobasket13 tournament: using statistical analysis & visualization to demonstrate what are the key factors for success.

For more details please don’t hesitate to contact DANOPT or Moor Consulting directly.


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