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To many, ‘data’, ‘analysis’ and ‘statistics’ are dirty words. They are considered to be suspect – the domain of nerdy types who hide behind closed doors only to venture out to make proclamations that the lay-man either doesn’t understand or accept.

We believe in the power of data analysis, whether employing statistical techniques or otherwise, to help empower our customers and enable them to make informed decisions – rather than base strategy on assumptions or gut feelings. We can help you ask the right questions of your data, visualise the results, and where appropriate run more complex statistical techniques to eke out the ‘hidden truths’.

Moreover, we communicate the findings with clarity so that they have real-world applications and can be actionable.

Examples of some of the work we have done includes:

  • utilising visualisations to show patterns and trends in very large transactional data-sets
  • blending of disparate data-sets to show relationships between different criteria & how they result in outcomes
  • utilisation of regression analysis or CHAID to identify people’s likelihood to adopt or respond to different branding concepts
  • creating segmentation models via cluster analysis to segment the general public in respect to attitudes and how these attitudes affect lifestyle behaviours & purchasing intentions
    • this was then augmented with further analysis to identify key target groups – based on additional data regarding specific criteria or socio-economic data pertinent to the products being investigated
  • variance analysis to identify outliers in larges data sets (over 1M records) & thus provide a time-efficient method of data-cleansing
  • tying together data-sets via creation of geographical clusters
  • creation of fully indexed bespoke tables from survey data, tailored to client requirements

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