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Moor Consulting is a specialist business intelligence and quantitative market research consultancy. We work primarily in the pharmaceutical and energy sectors, but also have experience of FMCG and low carbon sectors. We pride ourselves on providing impactful dashboards, reports, data visualisations and analysis which aid our clients to achieve their strategic goals. We use tools such as Tableau, Xcelsius & SPSS 20 – as well as the move conventional PowerPoint & Excel – to apply bespoke analytical techniques and fashion our outputs so that they satisfy client requirements.

Moor Consulting was founded in 2010 by James Ambler, with a mission to:

  • help clients understand their data
  • empower strategic decision making by clear representation of quantitative data
  • provide advanced analysis
  • apply novel thinking to analytical processes

Collectively we have over 55 years of managing, interpreting, representing and analysing data – and each member of the team provides their own particular niche skills so that collectively we present a gestalt of expertise.

We’re very approachable, and have the right ratio of nerd to human in our DNA so that we can apply ourselves to your analytical objectives, whilst making the outputs and conclusions clear and actionable. This has resulted in satisfied clients coming back to us with high regularity, for both long-standing and one-off projects.

We live in the data age, can you afford not to demand moor of your data?

If you have any questions, would like to learn more, or just fancy a quick bit of advice about business intelligence, data visualisation and analysis, or quantitative market research please don’t hesitate to get in touch